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Experience & Leadership Counts Most - Leading the Effort to Control Spending and Reduce Taxes, Saving Taxpayers More Than $1 Billion. 

  • Commissioner Meyers holds a B.S. Degree in Industrial Technology and Engineering and a Masters in Finance and Economics. He has held Certified Public Accountant, Series 7 Securities Dealer, and Real Estate Broker Licenses. Andy’s vast experience has served the residents of Fort Bend County exceptionally well for over a quarter of a century.

  • Andy initiated the creation of the county’s first professional Budget Office, providing greater control over county spending and enabling the reduction of taxes.

  • Dan Patrick and Paul Bettencourt designated Andy the “Taxpayers' Best Friend” for his success in reducing taxes. He saved taxpayers over $1 billion by leading efforts that reduced the County’s tax rate from 66¢ to 44¢, making Fort Bend more attractive to families and businesses.

  • Relying on his long-standing relationships with key legislators and state officials, Andy passed legislation to allow counties to levy a sales tax in the unincorporated areas, which prevents Houston, already collecting $30
    million per year, from collecting an additional $28 million per year from residents in these areas. Houston provides no services to these taxpayers, which is “Taxation without Representation” since these residents cannot vote for Houston Mayor or City Council. After a 20-year effort, Andy successfully passed legislation to overcome this abuse of taxpayers.

  • Andy saved taxpayers $35 million by obtaining donations of land for 2 libraries, 3 parks, a county annex, and multiple road right of ways.

  • He negotiated an agreement with Emergency Service District 100 to share $25 million of the District’s sales tax revenues to improve mobility in the county.

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