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Experience is Crucial - Making Fort Bend County a Leader in Economic Growth.

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  • Commissioner Meyers is working to make Fort Bend County a place where residents can live, worship, play, and work, In addition to creating more well-paying jobs, his efforts have and will continue to create more economic activity, broaden the tax base to ease the tax burden on homes, and enrich all residents.

  • Andy serves on the Fort Bend Economic Development Council board.

  • He proposed creating the Fort Bend Economic Development and Opportunity Department.

  • Andy funded a Study of the effects of Port Freeport becoming a deep-water port, confirming that Fort Bend County has an excellent opportunity to become a distribution center and finished manufacturing center for international markets.

  • He proposed creating the Brazoria-Fort Bend Rail District to enable Fort Bend County to become an international trade center in Texas.

  • Commissioner Meyers’ proposal to develop State Highway 36A has sparked the development of a Major Texas Transportation Corridor that will attract international trade to the Texas Gulf Coast and Fort Bend from the US West Coast, creating greater economic opportunities and bringing well-paying jobs as well as serving as a hurricane evacuation route.

  • Andy proposed using Federal Grants to fund an “Equity Loan Program,” to enable small businesses financially damaged by the government COVID-19 shutdowns to borrow the “Equity” for a Small Business Loan to reestablish or expand their business or start a new enterprise. Fort Bend is the only county to fund such a program.

  • Commissioner Meyers initiated efforts to create “Industrial Development Districts.” to fund and develop readily available industrial sites, which will make the county and Texas more competitive in attracting significant industrial investments. His relationships with key legislators and state officials will be vital in the success of this effort.

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