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Leadership is Vital - Leading the Effort in Improving Mobility and Flood Mitigation.

  • Commissioner Meyers proposed the county’s first successful Mobility Bond Program. He led efforts on subsequent Mobility Bond programs, which have improved safety and accommodated our incredible growth, which helps maintain our quality of life.

  • He initiated a program of cooperatively working with the Municipal Utility Districts to jointly repair and upgrade the county’s aging and deteriorating road and drainage infrastructure, dramatically expanding the number of good roads and improving the appearance of older subdivisions.

  • Andy helped provide more significant congestion relief through the Fort Bend Toll Road Authority and The Grand Parkway Toll Road Authority.

  • He utilized innovative financing to get the largest county mobility project, at $180 million, completed 20 years ahead of schedule.

  • Commissioner Meyers has worked effectively with key state legislators, with whom he enjoys long-standing relationships, and Texas Department of Transportation officials to advance improvements to major thoroughfares years ahead of the original schedules.

  • Commissioner Meyers proposed Fort Bend County’s first successful, adequately sized Flood Mitigation Bond Program.

  • Through his leadership as Chair of the H-GAC Water Resources Committee, Andy secured $84 million of federal and state funding for erosion and flood mitigation for the county.

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