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Economic & Workforce Development

Commissioner Andy Meyers conceived the Route 36A Highway concept and helped establish the project that will provide a transportation route for areas that will double in size over the coming decades and promote regional economic development. He consistently fights to control expenditures to keep taxes low. He successfully led efforts to lower the County's property tax rate from 65¢ when he first took office to 47.4¢, providing cumulative savings of well over $1 billion for Fort Bend taxpayers.
Meyers guided the passage of a state law allowing the creation of County Assistance Districts, which generate $28 million per year for necessary engineering and mobility projects that may otherwise lack funding. He created the first Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones in Fort Bend County to foster more significant economic development, create jobs, and generate funding for critical mobility and public infrastructure projects, law enforcement, and other services.
Commissioner Meyers was the first to propose a $400 million mobility bond program for the November 2023 election - $100 million per Precinct.
He's working with several MUDs to develop a joint funding agreement to repair and upgrade their roads and drainage systems in the County's older neighborhoods and thereby double the investment in communities that need road repairs now and in the future.
Commissioner Meyers is working to smooth the development of carbon-free, clean, safe, reliable, next-generation advanced reactors to ensure Houston remains the Energy Capital of the World and has the electricity needed for our homes, businesses, and industrial operations.
Andy Meyers constantly works with stakeholders to facilitate workforce development for next-generation high-paying jobs.

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