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Community Service

Andy Meyers has raised nearly $2 million for organizations that help endangered children, women in crisis, and people experiencing homelessness.
Commissioner is the only county commissioner who consistently convinces private landowners to donate property to the County. By doing so, he's made it possible to build more parks for county residents to enjoy. He's built ten area parks, five community centers, and the County's first two cricket fields as Fort Bend becomes more diverse and its population's interests evolve. He supports the Fort Bend County Fair, frequently purchasing art and livestock to find student scholarships.
Following his first election, he learned that one of the County's poorest neighborhoods had no water, sewer, or parks for their children. State law prevented the County from providing those utilities, so he successfully lobbied the Texas Legislature to change the law. Then he created the Freshwater Supply Corporation and secured funding for the project from the US Department of Agriculture, which paid for the infrastructure. He convinced a local Municipal Utility District to provide water and sewer to the neighborhood. He also built a park and community center so the kids could play and the residents could meet.

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