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Recognized by Others as an Effective Leader – Appointed by Governor Abbott to a Critical Working Group.

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  • Was appointed by Governor Abbott to the “Texas Advanced Nuclear Reactor Working Group” to help make Texas the leader in developing the next generation of safe, reliable, and affordable nuclear energy. He is the
    only Texas elected official who was appointed.

  • Andy was appointed to the Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments Board, serving as Board Chairman. Andy created its Legislative Committee and Water Resources and Flood Mitigation Committee, serving as Chairman of both. He secured $84 million in federal and state flood mitigation funding for Fort Bend, including an additional $25 million above the state’s proposed allocation.

  • Andy was appointed to the Conference of Urban Counties Board and served as Vice Chairman. He is on its Policy Committee, where he works with fellow county officials across the state to direct and pass beneficial
    legislation detrimental legislation.

  • To make our Region and Texas a technology powerhouse and remain the Energy Capital of the world, Andy proposed and worked in a bi-partisan effort to introduce legislation to create a Texas Advanced Research Institute and a Texas Nuclear Regulatory Agency to advance the development of the next generation of technology and nuclear power plants.

  • Andy serves on the University of Houston Sugar Land Campus Advisory Committee, where he advocates for UH Sugar Land using its 167 acres in the county to create an Advance Research Center. Such a center will bring more research firms and investments to our area that provide exceptionally well-paying jobs.

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