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Thank you for granting me the honor of serving you as your County Commissioner for over 25 years. I’ve used my vast knowledge and experience to play a key role in making and keeping Fort Bend County one of the safest, most family-friendly, and business-friendly counties anywhere. I used my financial expertise to lead the effort to reduce the county’s tax rate from 66¢ to 44¢, saving taxpayers $1 billion. I developed great relationships with key legislators, enabling me to get critical legislation passed.

I’m ready to continue working with you and others in keeping Fort Bend a great place to live.


 Continued Efforts in Fort Bend County


If You are 65+ and have not received an Application to Vote-By-Mail from Commissioner Meyers, you can go Here (place your cursor on the Here, right-click, which brings up a link, left-click the link, which takes you to the Application Page) and print out an Application, complete and sign it, and mail it to the Fort Bend County Elections Office before February 23rd.


To See the Candidates on Your Ballot, go to this link (place your cursor on the Link, right-click which brings up a hyperlink, left-click the hyperlink, which takes you to the Sample Ballot Page). The Sample Ballots are by Voting Precinct for Republicans and Democratic Candidates.  Your Voting Precinct is the 4-digit number above your Name on your Voter ID Card.  If you don’t have a Voter ID go HERE and put in your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth and the system will show you your Voter ID, with the Voting Precinct No. Click on the 4-digit Voting Precinct number for a Republican or Democratic Sample Ballot.

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